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How to be more confident as a freelancer [part 2]

Entrepreneurs | 05 June 2020 | Written by Jenny Bjorklof

As I mentioned in part 1 of this article it took me a long time and a lot of confidence to take the leap and go from employee to freelancer. 

How to be more confident as a freelancer [part 2]
In part 1 I’ve used the quotes and sayings there as guiding stars to make the transition easier. In part 2 I’ll share how surrounding myself with mentors, coaches and other freelancers have improved by confidence as a freelancer. And also how other people influence me and my choices.  

Invest in your looksLook your best when meeting clients. Make sure your online profiles, digital assets, and any other materials you use within your business reflect you as a professional. I used to design everything myself (I’m not a designer) and it worked out okay. But after hiring a professional designer and someone to help with my choice of clothes, my confidence and business went to a whole new level.

Be part of a community of peersThere’s a lot of comfort in knowing and belonging to a group of like-minded people going through the same things as you are. That’s why I started the Freelancers in Belgium community, and I’ve found great comfort in being part of it.

Build a networkThe benefit is similar to belonging to a community, but here, the focus is on building a network of customers, partners and experts to learn from and get referrals and support from. 

Get a coachThanks to having a coach, I make time to think more deeply about where I want to go with my business, and I stay on track with reaching my goals. My coach helps me focus on what matters and what helps me move forward, and that’s rarely doubts and feeling uncertain.

Get a mentorA mentor can help you avoid making mistakes, can open their network for you, and give you insights that are not readily available about your profession. I worked as a virtual assistant for a start-up investor for two years. The investor was more than a customer, he was my mentor. He taught me a lot about business and technology in general, and specifically about how marketing works. 

Be humble and ask for help from experienced people. They tend to enjoy passing on their knowledge to a junior, they like to help young people and in exchange get access to new ideas that are not constrained by old conventions.
The people who mind, they don't matter, the people who matter, they don’t mind.
Dr. Seuss
Caring what other people think is a confidence sucker. My remedy is to think about the old Dr Seuss quote. An attendee at a LinkedIn training of mine asked if I add Mr. in my messages – and if people don’t get offended when I don’t. I answered: if they get offended from that it’s probably not anyone I should do business with.

Make it about them, not about youWhenever I give a presentation or publish something, I try to make it about the audience. I’m there to serve them, not to be judged. 

Last but not least. See it as your dutyI think it’s everyone’s duty to give their best, share, learn, grow and experience life to the fullest. This means stepping out of the comfort zone once in a while. Seeing it as my duty makes me focus less on feeling uncertain and more about figuring out how I can do my best. I prefer to be in the 2%.

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