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Coronavirus: an opportunity for reflection and personal development?

Entrepreneurs | 14 May 2020 | Written by Magali De Reu

Now that we are spending the majority of the week at home, negative feelings have started to arise a little more quickly than usual. Especially for the many entrepreneurs who find themselves dealing with professional uncertainty. Does this sound familiar? Try to think of this ‘calmer’ period as an opportunity to invest in yourself.

Coronavirus: an opportunity for reflection and personal development?
We are happy to support you with a few tips for reflection and personal development. 
  1. Enjoy the things that you still have
  2. Reflect by meditating: you can learn it!
  3. Keep an eye on your work-life balance
  4. Sharpen your knowledge and skills
  5. Stay reachable

1. Enjoy the things that you still have
There have been a fair amount of restrictions laid on our day-to-day lives. There are professional obstacles appearing too. Some self-employed and freelance professionals are struggling with late payments, others have been confronted with clients who have temporarily put projects on hold. And so it might become very tempting to blindly stare at the negative. But doing so just lands you in a vicious cycle of worry. So, try to enjoy everything that you do still have. 

Happiness is found in the smallest things. Whether it’s a walk through the park, a drink on your sun-drenched terrace or a TV series: try to appreciate relaxing activities more than ever before. The good news is that optimism is comparable to a muscle, and you can train yourself to be more positive in life. It doesn’t need to be difficult. Every morning, think of three things you’re grateful for, preferably listing them while you’re looking in the mirror. Doing so, you’ll also create extra self-confidence too. 

Is the stress still overpowering? Call in external help. A coach can help you, for example, to stand stronger and be more positive in life.

2. Reflect by meditating: you can learn it! 
Meditation is a way of bringing your mind to rest. Use it to raise your attention to the individual moment. Physical and mental silence. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that revolves around awareness at a well-defined moment. 

Some people incorrectly think that meditation is used to keep thoughts under control. Nothing could be further from the truth. The art is in allowing all thoughts to flow by, and by eventually experiencing increased relaxation. 

Various research studies around the world have proven the physical and mental benefits of meditation: 
  • Greater focus and productivity; 
  • Less stress;
  • Improved sleep; 
  • More creativity;
  • A good state of mind. 
Have you found the threshold for meditation is too high for you now? Accept some assistance from mobile apps like Calm or Headspace: they guide you, step by step, through the whole process.

3. Keep an eye on your work-life balance
Now you—maybe in opposition to the past—work from home all the time, there’s a chance that you feel more inclined to work long days. But it’s as important as ever to keep a healthy work-life balance. In this article, we share a few clever, highly detailed tips and tricks to help you do just this: 
  • Create a separate, ergonomic workspace; 
  • Ensure clear agreements and well-defined boundaries; 
  • Take sufficient breaks and exercise regularly;
  • Make time for yourself; 
  • Think with an open mind about the next step for your business.

4. Sharpen your knowledge and skills
Self-development has a different meaning for everyone. Some entrepreneurs take great pleasure from self-study. Have you seen how many free webinars are currently on offer? This is the perfect time to raise your expertise to a higher level! 

Networking platform LinkedIn is already helping with this. Not only can you use it to maintain your professional contacts, you also receive free access to 16 courses. Incidentally, some of these give tips on how to adapt your business during the coronavirus crisis. 

Creative freelancers are catching up with Adobe, which is offering tutorials with a 97% discount. And if you’re an independent marketeer, the website of marketing-software company Moz is a must! At the Moz Academy, you can follow their SEO course—which is normally not cheap—for absolutely free. 

5. Stay reachable
In ‘this year of the black swan’, loneliness can rear its ugly head more than usual, even if working from home isn’t a synonym for social isolation. Despite the current mantra of ‘Stay Home’, it’s good for you to maintain contact with the outside world. With your family, friends and yes, with your clients too. 

The way in which you do this during a crisis situation will also have an impact on future collaborations and opportunities. Try to remain reachable and communicate any effect the situation will have on current projects and deadlines. Talk about your mutual expectations and the possible financial consequences. This way, you can support and strengthen each other, even in this difficult period.

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