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Capitalize on your talents as an entrepreneur

Use the talent quadrant
Entrepreneurs | 30 July 2020 | Written by Oliver Op de Beeck

As an entrepreneur you often feel that you have to be good at everything. Sales, administration, accounting, communication, management and actually doing your work. But what if there is another way?

Capitalize on your talents as an entrepreneur
Take a blank sheet of paper or dust off your whiteboard. In the top left corner, write “good and fun”. In the top right corner, write "good and not fun". In the bottom left corner, write “bad and fun” and finally, in the bottom right corner, write “bad and not fun”. Draw lines between these areas to get four quadrants.
Reflect upon your daily tasks and write them down in the correct quadrant. For example, everything you write under “good and fun” are tasks that you are good at, and that you also enjoy doing. Below that, you should note under “bad and fun” the tasks that you enjoy, but of which your knowledge is quite poor.

  Talent quadrant
At the end of the process you will have formed a clear picture. You should do everything in the top left corner yourself. You are good at it and get energy from it. All the things in the bottom left corner are actual opportunities: you enjoy doing these tasks, so it would be smart to improve your skills within these fields. 
For all of the things on the right, the best option is to outsource them. You get little to no energy from it, so you cannot perform optimally. For example, if you are more of an introvert, customer communication can be part of this. If you are not an administrative all-rounder, tasks such as administration and accounting could be placed in this quadrant.

The money you spend outsourcing these tasks is more of an investment than a cost. In the meantime, you can focus on what you are really good at.

Be the best in your fieldEvery entrepreneur has one specific skill where they have an unfair advantage, or they would not have become an entrepreneur. Maybe you can write very well, or you have an incredible insight in the field of sales. Capitalize on that. 

Make sure you are the best in your field. Suppose you are very good at selling your products, then it seems very illogical to me that you only spend 15% of your time on this. What would happen if you could spend 80% of your time on sales? What results would you achieve?
Always question your daily activities. Everyone's capabilities are in a different field. So, focus on what you are good at and what you have a talent for. Outsource the other things because they only get in the way of your talent.

The illusion of having to excel as an entrepreneur in every field is just a utopia. Everyone has their qualities and pitfalls. To be able to do business efficiently, it is smart to take a good look at yourself. 

What am I making a mess of, and what am I really good at? Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom. That is beyond question.

Use this self-knowledge to your advantage, be the best in your field, and capitalize on your talents as an entrepreneur. You don't have to be a genius in every area to be successful.
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