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6 ‘boss lady’ habits you’ve got to have

Entrepreneurs | 05 March 2020 | Written by Burçin Alim

8 March is International Women’s Day: three cheers for all the women today! A special day dedicated to us women because we are simply fantastic. We’re the masters of planning and fixing things, we are truly intuitive creatures, problem solving is our middle name, and we’ve got so many other qualities...

6 ‘boss lady’ habits you’ve got to have
In honour of this wonderful day, I’ve written a blog post for our women entrepreneurs – the women who give the best of themselves every day. It’s also useful for women on the lookout for a few tips to help them up their game as boss ladies.

The boss lady – she’s a confident, independent woman taking control of her own life.

Some boss ladies are born entrepreneurs. Others have to learn the job as they go.
So, in this article, we’ll be talking about six habits that can give you an even bigger boost of empowerment as an entrepreneur... Because the world can always use a little more #girlpower.  

1. Have a to-do list ready when you wake up
The secret to getting ahead is getting started
Mark Twain
Well, there’s a truth in this. Here’s your first challenge: make a to-do list the day before
Imagine: your alarm clock goes off... You get up and the first thing you think about is the 1,001 things you’ve got to do today. You’d crawl back under your covers for less.

If you plan your to-do list the night before, you’ll have an immediate overview of your priorities. You can use your list in the morning to instantly start ticking off the items.

Do you write your to-do list down in a notebook, or do you rather scribble each task on a Post-it? Or are apps more your thing? Do whatever works for you! A couple of my favourite apps are ‘Wunderlist’ and ‘Todoist’.

2. Sleep like a babyWhenever we talk about a healthy lifestyle, we usually think about healthy eating, drinking two litres of water a day, and let’s not forget those famous 10,000 steps. 😉

Well, everything listed above is important, but we often forget that sleep should be on that list too. An average of seven to eight hours of sleep a night makes us feel fresh and ready to face the next day.

Our bodies function best when we’re well-rested. Hence, no vigorous activities before going to bed. Instead, go for what helps you to unwind. You could use a nice app like CALM, for instance, and listen to bedtime stories before you go to sleep. 

3. MeditateIt’s a proven fact. Meditation helps you to focus, reduces anxiety, increases your creativity and helps you sleep better. But how to get started? Admittedly, when you are to meditate for the first time, keeping your focus is not easy. However, whoever perseveres, reaps the rewards!

After a few days, you’ll notice an improvement in your ability to concentrate. You could register for a yoga course, or give meditation a shot with the Headspace app. With this app, you can spend just a few minutes practising mindfulness every day. 

4. Define SMART goalsGoals are a key factor in your success! They’re often vaguely defined or with no commitment attached to them. But your goals will only be successful if they’re SMART
SMART stands for: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
A good example could be, ‘I want my customer portfolio to grow by 3% compared to last year’.

  • To find out more about SMART goals, read our blog post ‘SMART goals for entrepreneurs'.

  • 5. NetworkMake it a point to regularly participate in networking events that take place in your area. Those could be small, local events. It’s hard for new customers to find you if they don’t know that you exist. Opportunities show up when you least expect them. Who knows? Maybe networking will even result in a great partnership.

    6. Plan batch daysTo me, these days mean PURE GOLD! Not that long ago, I came across the ladies of werk&leven (work & life) while scrolling through my Spotify Podcasts.

    They describe batch days as days that you devote 100% to a single, specific task. Batch days can apply to your administration, your website updates or drawing up quotes. The point is to tune out all potential distractions to fully focus on doing that one, specific task. And wonder of wonders, it really does seem to work, and the advantage is that you get so many things done in a single day.

    It boils down to developing a routine based on tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It creates structure and you’ll develop good habits. 

    Tiny recap of 6 boss lady habits
    1. Have a to-do list ready when you wake up
    2. Sleep like a baby
    3. Meditate
    4. Define SMART goals
    5. Network
    6. Plan batch days

    Do the tips above seem to work for you, but would you like to maximise your potential even more? Are you looking for personalised support to develop your talents? Is your work-life balance bothering you and could you benefit from some personal coaching? Greet, our coach, will be happy to help you out.

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