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5 reasons why entrepreneurs like doing business

Entrepreneurs | 10 February 2020 | Written by Burçin Alim

Love is in the air! February 14 is Valentine’s Day and (nearly) every lover puts their best foot forward. In this blog, we’re not discussing ‘Five romantic getaways’ or ‘How to survive Valentine’s without love’.
This day is all about the love of entrepreneurship.

5 reasons why entrepreneurs like doing business
Some people would never dare to start, others can’t do without their own company. 

What makes entrepreneurship so great? Why does a self-employed person like to be self-employed? We list five reasons below.

1. You are your own bossComing in at number 1: being your own boss! This also seems logical since you don’t have to report to anyone. As an entrepreneur, you make the final decisions and choose the path for your business. Another good thing is that you choose who you want to work with

2. Entrepreneurship gives you freedomAs an entrepreneur, you have much more freedom than you would with a boss. Of course, as an entrepreneur, you also have agreements to which you must adhere. A big difference is that you can, for example, divide your time as you wish, decide where to work, and/or determine how you work. There’s no criticism from colleagues or a boss. You decide what you want to do!

3. You will learn something new every dayIf you do the same job for years, you may end up in a bore-out. Your job could be a lot less challenging. As an entrepreneur, this won’t happen any time soon. You can learn something new every day, so to speak. This includes things like making cost calculations, organising and planning your agenda, etc.

4. Continuous challengeA truism. As an entrepreneur, you often have to solve problems and seize opportunities. This will make you very solution-oriented.
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  • 5. You can focus on things you really enjoyAs an entrepreneur, you can create a job that suits you completely. Of course, every job has its less enjoyable sides. As an entrepreneur, it is true that there may be more emphasis on the things you do like. 

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