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3 beginner’s mistakes that freelancers make

How can you prevent them?
Entrepreneurs | 21 August 2020 | Written by Magali De Reu

Are you considering a freelance career? Or have you just started out as a freelancer? Then you know that there are lots of things to consider: administration, client acquisition, the necessary materials and tools, etc. Nevertheless, lots of freelancers fall into various typical traps. In this article I will describe 3 beginner’s mistakes and how you can prevent them.

3 beginner’s mistakes that freelancers make
1. Pricing too high or too lowPricing is perhaps the Achilles’ heel for every starting - and even experienced - freelancer. So, it isn’t easy to set an hourly rate that on the one hand is not too low, but on the other hand not too high. How do you steer a middle course? 

Digital talent agency NedWorks publishes its tariff report every year and is a good guideline when setting your own hourly or day rate. This report distinguishes between specialisations, sectors, number of years of experience and even gender! Other factors such as region and project type also play a role.
Want to know whether becoming a freelancer is financially feasible for you or not? And what daily rate you should set in order to maintain your current lifestyle? 

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Your accountant or one of our Securex specialists can also help you further. 

2. Good agreements make good friendsAll new cooperation involves getting to know one another. But even if you click with a potential client, you still need a written agreement. It is vital to make clear agreements and guidelines right from the start:
  • When should you deliver the project?
  • What price do you agree? 
  • What payment term do you agree?
  • Are revisions and any extras included in the scope? 
Ideally you should confirm all this in a contract and an agreed and signed offer. Don’t be afraid to propose a contractual agreement. As it’s not a sign of mistrust, but of risk management and therefore a professional approach.  

3. Taking on too much workFor some starting freelancers it’s full steam ahead immediately. New clients are popping up all the time, existing clients are satisfied and come back and you are more motivated than ever. This is all very well, but there’s a fair chance that you’ll feel tempted to take on a lot of work. Perhaps more than you can actually do. 

Have you already reached this point? Then you can take a number of decisions:
  • You recruit your first permanent employee 
  • You partner with another freelancer
  • You are open with new clients and tell them that you 1) are full and can’t take on any new work or 2) are only able to deliver new work later. 
There’s no point bending over backwards to do the work yourself. You risk delivering lower quality work and therefore dissatisfied clients. It is, of course, great that your business is growing fast, but there are different ways to do this. Even more important is the sustainability of this growth! 

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