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The need for total talent management increases

Employers | 01 March 2019 | Written by Frank Vander Sijpe

Non-standard forms of employment are on the rise. Employees ask for more autonomy and flexibility. Organizations desire more agility and expertise ‘on demand’. Today, new platforms on the Belgian labour market cover an area that goes far beyond ‘matching’ between supply and demand for the self-employed and freelancers.

The need for total talent management increases
Don't minimizeA number of labour market experts underestimate the phenomenon of freelancers and the self-employed in a secondary occupation. Well, we don't. Many organizations state that they want to expand their flexible workforces because:
  1. They see solutions for the structural scarcity on the labour market, that puts growth at risk.
  2. They can’t play along on the volatile market without more flexibility and agility.
An opportunity for HRCompanies feel the need to look for alternatives in short term. Freelancers are often highly skilled knowledge workers. They deliberately choose to work together with organizations as equals and in a temporary relationship.

They are often directly hired by management itself and/or through the purchasing department. This way, the HR Department doesn’t even know exactly how many people they’re talking about and so their view on the extent and evolution of the flexible workforces comparing to permanent workforces is unclear.
Opportunity for HR HR faces new opportunities. They can present themselves as a true business partner. It implies a ‘Total Talent Management’- approach. This approach is not limited to the management of the employees who are on the payroll of the organization, but also cares for externally hired collaborators. Will HR seize this opportunity?

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