Medical checks detect unjustified absences

You are all too happy to help sick staff members recuperate. But not every absent employee stays home. And these improper absences cost you a great deal. Tackle them head-on with targeted medical checks. Securex will help you with the planning and organisation.

Keep an eye out for causes of absenteeism during medical checks

Are you running medical checks at the right time? Then you’re working on your absenteeism policy. Because you are not just detecting the improper absences, you are also getting a look at the underlying reasons for them. Priceless information in your battle against absenteeism.

Fast, accurate and objective medical checks

Afraid that there is too much time and work involved in a medical check? Not with Securex: with us, medical checks run quickly and efficiently. And to make this possible, we keep to a few clear rules: 

Check the right staff members
You don’t call for an industrial doctor every time there is an absence. Securex works with you to establish clear criteria for medical checks. 

Follow clear procedures
You target no one, especially not the justified absences who stay at home. By entrusting the medical checks to us, you are supported with clear procedures and guarantee your staff objectivity. 

Integrated in a global approach to absenteeism With the objective, anonymous information the medical checks provide, you can sharpen your absenteeism response plan.  Securex expands these details with findings from similar companies . This enables you to cement your approach to absenteeism.

Useful medical checks via Securex

A medical check is not the most important weapon when it comes to battling absenteeism. For that, you need to track down and eliminate the causes of absenteeism. And this is where a medical check is especially useful: it reveals the less-than-honest absences and brings you closer to the core of the absenteeism.

Ask now for a one-off medical check-up  or contact us for more information on our different membership formulas.