A thorough policy battles absenteeism

You would prefer to keep absenteeism well under control.  Because absent employees cost money.  But how do you efficiently reduce absences?  Securex will let you know. Our specialists will make accurate statistics from your absence figures, interpret them and respond to them with a targeted action plan.

Looking for the causes of absenteeism

Tackling absenteeism?   You don’t do that by judging your employees.  You do it with positive solutions.  You focus on the causes of absenteeism and remove them.  And what are the results?  Your employees feel happy at work again and are unable to see any reason to stay home.  And this sends employees who are not absent a very positive message.

Lower absenteeism in six modules

The best method for reducing absenteeism, is to tackle the problem at the roots.  And this means not just with medical check-ups .  Although they unmask questionable absences, and although this is necessary – they will not reduce absenteeism on the whole.  This is something Securex does do with their thorough six-modules plan: 

  • Module 1: survey - examine the current status and determine your needs
  • Module 2: determination of vision - set up your policy
  • Module 3: procedure - convert your work method in guidelines
  • Module 4: action plan - define tailor-made measures
  • Module 5: implementation - organize your actions
  • Module 6: monitoring & assessment - corrective actions, where needed

Securex anchors this absenteeism policy squarely in your organisation, and guides you in its implementation.  It enables you to target unjustified absences.