Workplace Prevention and Protection? Safety and productivity!

Your favourite employees?  Any who are motivated and satisfied.  And pleasant and productive.  The good news?  You can ensure they all feel this way, by implementing the Workplace Health and Safety legislation and providing accident prevention and protection in the workplace. 

This enables you to build a safe work environment with healthy, efficient workers.  And relegate wasted time, the high costs of sickness and accidents to the past.

Internal Service for Workplace Prevention and Protection

Guarantee the health and safety of your employees?  That is the task of the internal prevention advisor, whom you are required to institute.  Responsibilities include:

  • Management of risks in the fields of safety, health, ergonomics, industrial hygiene and psychosocial aspects;
  • Ensuring the health and safety of employees via medical assessments. 

Your business doesn’t have any industrial doctors or specialists in any of the five areas of risk?  Then you need to call for assistance from an external service for Workplace Prevention and Protection. 

External Service for Workplace Prevention and Protection

Your internal service is unable to fulfil all the necessary assignments itself?  Then make a call to a recognised external service for Workplace Prevention and Protection, such as the highly professional service offered by Securex. 

Our prevention advisors take all your health and safety requirements off your hands – from industrial medicine to risk management.  And it doesn’t stop there – you also receive:

  • unlimited advice from our information and documentation centre;
  • the necessary training for your personnel;
  • online planning of your medical examinations.

Workplace Prevention and Protection by Securex

More than twenty thousand businesses look to Securex as their External Service for Workplace Prevention and ProtectionThey rely on immaculate service, guaranteed by our ISO:9002 Certificate.

Securex also creates a safe, productive work environment for you.  Contact us.