Zoomit: from paper to digital documents

A lot of SME’s have trouble with filing cabinets that are bulging, fit to burst. You keep all payment advice letters, invoices, contracts and social documents. Or you try to do that, but papers have a tendency to be lost.

With Zoomit, you escape the battle with paperwork. Instead, you conveniently collect all your paper documents on your Internet banking program!

Receive invoices and payment advice letters, manage them... and pay them immediately

Zoomit groups your invoices and payment advice letters in an online application for Internet banking. And the payment advice letters that Securex provides appear there.  You can do more than just look at them. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you are able to arrange payments, using a pre-filled transfer form. 

How does it work?

  • You register your bank details on the Internet banking program
  • You click on the Zoomit icon next to your main account on the welcome page
  • You look at the documents and select the appropriate action

The benefits of Zoomit

  • Benefits for you as an employer:
    • You have a global overview of your financial situation: you receive, manage and pay your invoices from your Internet banking program.
    • You send digital payment advice letters to your employees.  No more paper or stamps!
    • You no longer need to fill in transfer forms – you make your payments with just a few clicks of the mouse.
    • You use this service for free, because Zoomit is part of your Internet banking program and Isabel. 
  • Benefits for your employees:
    • With Zoomit, payment advice letters land in their confidential, secure Internet banking programs.
    • The e-payment advice letters appear in just a few clicks of the mouse and include the same information as the classic paper payment advice letters.
    • Lost payment advice letters?  No one will have to worry about this every happening again!

Securex collects your papers in Zoomit

Learn more about Zoomit? Securex is happy to tell you all about it. Alternatively, follow up on it yourself at