Worry-free business across the borders

Your business is looking across the borders and is mining new markets with its international branches. It’s where you will often find different, cheaper suppliers with new products.

But that’s not all that’s different: the social regulations, obligatory documents and authorities are different. Which is why Securex is your travel guide: because our International Employment Services (IES) will guide you, unscathed, through your international business adventure.

Advice and processing

Securex takes you or your HR Manager by the hand and, via the International Employment Services (IES), leads you through the administrative maze of foreign authorities. With:

  • answers to all your questions on subjects such as cross-border work, secondment, labour mobility, social statutes and payroll administration in foreign countries
  • guidance through the Belgian and foreign court system and explanation of foreign employment, fiscal and social regulations
  • follow-up on important changes to laws
  • information about the effects of salary splits for employees who are working in Belgium and on foreign soil
  • integration and management of your international payroll and tax files with the Belgian Social Secretary

This is why our experts don’t skate on thin ice: they begin by investigating your needs and wishes, and ensure the services of our foreign partners are perfectly tuned to meet them.  In other words? You always receive tailor-made solutions.

Knowledge of foreign business

Securex is not just well represented in Belgium. Thanks to our international branches, our experts also know the ins and out of foreign markets – from their newest developments to the latest regulations.

You can put your faith in:

  • reliable partners in different European countries
  • a team of seasoned consultants with experience in your market
  • experts specialised in communication and trade with foreign partners

At the same time, our specialists are continuously schooled on foreign legislation. So you can tread a smooth, error-free path to your international destinations – now and later.