HR Online: digital expertise for your staff management

You and your HR Manager know the administrative tasks that come with staff policies – from accurate payroll calculations to the legally required declarations and insurances. A task package that you hold firmly in your hands.  

But what about the challenges tomorrow brings?  Where detailed insight from external sources will be vital for success.  Unless Securex prepares you for this today – with the ground-breaking resource HR Online.

Our software. Your service

With HR Online Securex makes the Software as a Service (SaaS) motto a reality: the digital platform facilitates your payroll and staff administration, and helps you to cope with future challenges.

HR Online is specifically developed for the management of your expanded personnel file, and responds to your highest demands.  It offers practical, reliable support:

  • You send details, request information and ask your Client Advisor direct questions;
  • You follow up on the status of all operations, via the transparent tracking and tracing system;
  • You use the same digital platform as your client advisor and the experts at Securex: meaning everyone always works in the same file – it’s efficient and flawless;
  • You have access to extra resources and links to simulators, databases and examples;
  • You administer thorough staff management via the supplementary modules HROnline Talent and HROnline ESS/MSS. With the Talent module, you streamline all your Talent Management processes, and with ESS/MSS your employees manage their details and absences themselves. 

The benefits of HROnline

  • User-friendly
    With just one login and password, you have access to all HROnline applications, which are quick and easy to operate.
  • Reliable and transparent
    HROnline guarantees you flawless operation, follow-up, control and validation of your full payroll and staff administration.  And you can access everything with just a click of the mouse. 
  • Free
    The only thing you need to have?  A computer with an internet connection.  Securex takes care of the software, updates and upgrades, and secure back-ups.
  • Wherever, whenever
    All your details are available, in real time, on the online platform.  Even all your offline communication, such as faxes and letters, can be found online, wherever and whenever you want them.
  • Minimal input, maximum output
    You provide the basic details, schedules and payment details once.  And only once.  After that, HROnline automatically performs the payment calculations and transfers.  At the same time, it keeps all details up to date for an accurate declaration with the National Office of Social Security.

HROnline 2 versions ready for tomorrow !

HROnline comes in two versions, tuned to the needs of your staff files: the pre-configured and the configurable flavour. Both designed for ambitious SME’s with specific demands in the field of staff management.