HROnline ESS/MSS lightens your administrative workload

Wages for work: If only this applied to you as an employer.  You are happy to pay your employees what they’re worth – based on the hours they work, their family situations and at the same time, you ensure their taxes are applied correctly and accurately. 

It asks for extensive payroll administration.  And the HROnline ESS/MSS module is exactly what your need.  Because with this automated system, your workers manage their absences and personal and address details themselves.  You just need to check them, meaning a huge administrative burden is taken off your shoulders.

Software for your employees

With the HROnline ESS/MSS module, your employees manage their personal details and absences themselves.  In turn, you closely check their input and use it for your payroll calculations.  

The degree to which you use this support is dependent on which version of HROnline you use: HROnline pre-configured corresponds to the standard version of ESS/MSS, while HROnline configurable enables use of ESS/MSS Full.

Both can be used for:

  • reporting absences and the reasons for them, such as illness or vacation;
  • registering overtime;
  • applying the general rosters for all employees;
  • reproducing payment advice letters and tax declarations;
  • for every employee, the notification of vacation days that have already been used, and those that are still available for every employee;
  • the reproduction of personal and address details, with the possibility of requesting adjustments;
  • producing the employee registers.

Extra in HROnline ESS/MSS Full:

  • a completely adjustable structure;
  • the possibility of allowing employees to adjust their personal and address details themselves;
  • a tailor-made workflow module.

HROnline ESS/MSS for your Talent Management

You don’t just rely on the ESS/MSS module for the correct registration of absences and overtime.  You also use it to keep your Talent Management on track.

Because HROnline Talent supplements the ESS/MSS module.  You can therefore also use the software for:

  • requests and enrolments for training courses;
  • approvals and rejections;
  • training histories and online feedback.

The adjusted HROnline ESS/MSS version

Delegate a part of your administrative tasks to your employees?  Save time?  And money?  With the HROnline ESS/MSS module you can do all this and more.

Together with you, Securex will see which version of HROnline best suits your company.