HR advice for all your staff challenges

Workplace accidents, talent management, KPI’s, complex legal questions: staff management is more than simple payroll calculations.  Furthermore, your HR policy is influenced by external factors – by economic crises, globalisation, the ageing workforce, raised retirement ages, new media and working-from-home options.

You and your HR Manager are confronted with different challenges in the field of HR every day.  Advice, based on experience and expertise, is exactly what you need.  And you can expect if from Securex.  With ExpeHRt, we offer a proactive, service-oriented, transparent HR Service package.

ExpeHRt: the HR advice you are looking for

You need a partner that strengthens your HR service – with targeted HR advice and practical help.  ExpeHRt supports your business with:

  • an adapted service package, based on your HR challenges, that integrates your central HR tasks with Talent Management processes;
  • answers from experts to specific questions;
  • proactive social and legal HR advice;
  • a convenient, useful online platform with tools and information.

So allow ExpeHRt to develop the full 360° vision your HR policy needs.

HR advice with benefits

Á la carte HR advice?  You can decide exactly which information you turn to our experts for, on top of these benefits which are always guaranteed:

  • A super-fast, targeted start
    A thorough analysis of your staff and payroll administration directs our specialists to the areas needing attention.  And from here, we immediately take them into our care.
  • Wide range
    Securex combines all services under one roof: Social Secretary, External Service for Workplace Prevention and Protection, child benefit funds, medical control services, etc.  You take what you want.
  • Reliable support from a strong team
    Your personal Client Advisor is the transfer point for all knowledge from our hundreds of HR experts. Through your Client Advisor, you receive quick, accurate and easily integrated HR advice. 
  • Flexible approach
    Is your business growing or are you concerned about sudden, unexpected challenges?  Securex stands by your side, with HR advice adjusted to suit your situation.

Online HR advice: always available

Securex ExpeHRt doesn’t just arm you with focused HR advice. It also helps you to cope with the challenges tomorrow brings.  You receive ground-breaking online support – under the motto of Software as a Service (SaaS).  So you can rely on our HR advce whenever and wherever you need it. How?  With:

  • the Securex Portal, where you find practical and technical support – from relevant information to specific tools and modules;
  • the HR Online Management tool which grants you access to your files, where you can safely transfer data, and make direct contact with your Client Advisor;
  • the HR Online Talent modules with which you manage all Talent Management processes within your organisation;
  • the HR Online ESS/MSS module with which your staff members can consult and adjust their personal details and absences;
  • Isypass where you input the monthly working hours claimed by your employees.

Your expert in advice

Have you chosen ExpeHRt from Securex?  Then you’ll strengthen your staff policy where it counts, secure in the knowledge that our HR advice is always up to date and legally correct.

Need more support than just HR advice?  Or would you like to temporarily transfer your staff management to an external service?  Securex is the ideal partner: ComfoHRt or OutsouHRce will take your HR policies off your hands for the short or the long-term.