Outsourcing staff management? A policy that grows with you

A business in full bloom often struggles with organisational problems such as personnel administration or a HR Department that has fallen a little behind. And this runs the risk of putting the brakes on your new development.

The solution? The outsourcing of your staff management. At Securex, you will find various specialists who streamline your HR policies for you, whether for the short or the long term. 

A helping hand with business knowledge

Has the work pressure suddenly increased? Or are new projects asking for knowledge you don’t (yet) have in-house? It’s time to take on a helping hand!

A permanent employee with a wage is often a step further than you need to go: it costs an arm and a leg and still sees you lose time on training and company orientation. A Securex consultant is your best bet. Providing supportive HR services and management solutions, it helps you with:

  • your payroll policy and the optimisation of your payroll administration;
  • ensuring operational personnel administration;
  • your motivation and training policies;
  • your recruitment and evaluation procedures;
  • professional advice about all staffing matters. 

The benefits of outsourcing your Staff Management

  • A fast solution: A consultant who is ready immediately and who quickly gets to work. Above all, your consultant has extensive HR experience and works efficiently with the Social Secretary at Securex.
  • Save on costs: Recruiting a permanent new employee? It will cost more than just money. You also lose precious time on the search, then on the training, and then again while you wait for them to comfortably work themselves into their new functions. By outsourcing your staff management you are able to make savings where it really matters.
  • The worry-free alternative: You are not just sure of flawless staff management.You and your staff members can also go to your permanent contact with any questions.
  • Strong foundations: From the very beginning, Securex will gather all information and documentation about your payroll and staff management. And produce a report ensuring the external consultant can respond to all your wishes and your policies.
  • Always correct: You don’t need to keep chasing up on social legislation. Securex knows the rules like the back of its hand and ensures your personnel policy complies fully.

Outsourcing your staff management to Securex

With the outsourcing of your staff management to Securex, your business is on course for all new challenges. Your external consultant guides your HR policy as explicitly and for as long as you believe is necessary.  

Looking for more support for your staff Management? Securex has it: with OutsouHRce you turn the complete administration of your payroll and staff management over to us. And ComfoHRt and ExpeHRt will supplement it perfectly!