The perfect HR department for the outsourcing of your HR

The future of your business?  It’s not easy to predict: growth, maybe a drop, new activities, and perhaps foreign opportunities…  Whatever the future brings, it is more than likely to influence your HR policy and the dimensions of your HR department. 

But is there time to find the perfect HR forces to support your personnel department?  It is a long, difficult and expensive process.  And one that you can avoid.  Securex OutsouHRce: by outsourcing your HR to Securex, you can grow and specialise in the manner necessary at the time.

Outsource HR. And still stay in charge.

With OutsouHRce from Securex, you respond to every evolution in your company.  Our specialists supplement your personnel department, while you make the decisions.  It’s how we keep the outsourcing of your HR tasks flexible and efficient.

  • You leave the personnel administration to our HR specialists, who take a proactive and integrated approach to your staffing policy.
  • You keep our specialists with you at the office, or let them work from a distance.  Whatever suits you best. 
  • You benefit from advice and socio-legal support.
  • You use HROnline for all your personnel documents.
  • You find relevant information, examples and simulations on the Securex Portal.

The benefits of OutsouHRce

  • Targeted approach to tasks for HR operations
    Whichever change your business undergoes, your payroll and staff management do not need to suffer, thanks to the readily available Securex experts.
  • Fair price for excellent service
    You don’t pay a cent too much for Securex OutsouHRce. Because we only charge you for the time we spend on your requirements, which we register in our monthly activity reports.
  • External HR workers, internal approach
    Our external Securex experts believe it is important to approach your activities in the same manner as your internal HR department.  And you can bet that it makes a difference!
  • Always the right HR specialist
    There is an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts ready for you.  And they’re all up to date with the latest developments.  So any and every HR job you send across is performed by the perfect specialist. 
  • HR department made to suit your needs perfectly
    Do you need more specialists for the outsourcing of your HR? Or perhaps fewer?  With OutsouHRce, your department is always fine-tuned to the situation your company finds itself in.
  • Keep your hands free to take care of business
    You delegate your HR tasks to a reliable partner who knows exactly what is expected of them.  And it leaves you to focus, unencumbered, on your company and its activities.

Temporary outsourcing: your HR policy benefits

Is your HR Manager going to be absent?  And is the payroll coming up?  Is your company growing, but your personnel department isn’t?  Or do the plans for the Belgian site of your international company not include a HR Department?  Then the temporary outsourcing of your HR tasks is the solution: our experts are ready to take over your HR assignments.  You decide how much you wish to put on their plates. 

Another form of support for your HR department in mind?  Securex has already beaten you to it: with the outsourcing of your staff management you have support in developing your HR policy.  Both ComfoHRt and ExpeHRt are first-rate supplements.