Save time with the outsourcing of your staff management

Time is money: the motto of every driven business person. But time is also scarce.  Especially since there is a mountain of payroll and personnel administration that comes with running a business.  And SME’s don’t invest in their own HR services.  Or do they?  Business evolution sometimes results in an overflow of work.

The time that you lose on staffing today, is time you can win back with the outsourcing of your staff management.

Your external staff department

The HR experts at Securex are happy to form your external staff department for you – or part of one – you decide the extent to which you wish to outsource your staff management:

  • OutsouHRce: Operational back-up
    You take certain administrative, operational tasks from your personnel service and bring them to Securex.  You therefore keep all decision making in-house.
  • Outsourcing: Advisory Position
    Very little if any time to delve into the complexities and devise a HR policy?  Securex will do it for you. Your permanent contact helps you develop a payment policy, evaluation processes, and helps you with recruitment.

Smart outsourcing of your staff management

Partial or complete outsourcing of your staff management?  You don’t just save time with it – it delivers these extras too:

  • Flexible
    You respond effortlessly to company evolutions and unexpected changes.  Your HR policy is always in tune and our HR experts are ready to provide any additional support. 
  • Cost saving
    You save on the costs of your own full Personnel Department, without letting the quality of your Staff management suffer.
  • Peace of mind
    You staff management is in safe and professional hands.  And you can rest assured that you will always fulfil all legal and administrative requirements.  

Outsource your staff administration… to Securex

Do yourself a favour: Outsource your staff administration – completely or partially.  The HR experts at Securex are glad to take the job on.  More accurately?  They’re looking forward to it!

Following up on your staff administration internally?  Securex is still your ideal partner with ComfoHRt or ExpeHRt.