Time registration for faultless calculation of your wages

Time to pay the wages?  Your employees look forward to this.  You don’t.  It means a mountain of administration, and before you even begin, you start to worry about making mistakes. 

A reliable time registration system sets these problems firmly in the past.  With Opti-Time Plus from Securex, you send all information about the hours worked, sick leave, vacations and other absences to the Social Secretary in one fell swoop.

Opti-Time Plus takes the work off your hands

The only thing you need to do for your payroll administration?  Install a computer with an internet connection.  Opti-Time Plus does the rest:

  • Your employees register when they arrive and leave work, by simply holding their badges against a terminal.  And from this, Opti-Time plus records the work times; 
  • At the end of the month, you check the details and adjust them as necessary;
  • Your Social Secretary receives the details and uses them to calculate the wages;  
  • You can see the calculations on line, approve them... and pay the wages.

The benefits of Opti-Time Plus

  • Reliable time registration;
  • Accurate calculation of your wages;
  • Less administration – which means more time for other business;
  • An affordable solution with an attractive rental plan. 

Worry-free business

Are you installing Opti-Time Plus? Then your payroll administration will run without a hitch.  Meaning you can concentrate on your business and your employees.  With the peace of mind Securex delivers.