Time registration = Time saved

Do you have workers on the books, do you work with a lot of short-term contracts, or do you handle a lot of varying schedules?  Then calculating the monthly payroll must be a huge job. You need to check the hours worked and take the details filled in on the worksite into account.

You can reduce this administrative hassle with a time registration system.  Like Isypass from Securex.

Isypass simplifies your payroll administration

With Isypass, your employees input their own working details – quickly and easily.  And at the end of the month, you quickly and faultlessly calculate the wages with the information.

How does it work?

  • With the Performance Module, you register the number of hours the worker has worked, and keep track of absences;
  • With an optional module, you can link personal details to the working time.  It makes it possible to calculate wages;
  • The program sends an overview of the hours worked directly to your Client Advisor or to another Securex program;
  • The overview table with graphics allows you to check all the work details that have been input.

The benefits of Isypass

  • Wherever, whenever
    After installation, you can use Isypass wherever and whenever you want – you just need an internet connection.
  • Save time.  Reduce errors
    The computer program registers the hours worked and sends the data directly.  This makes your payroll and staff management all the more efficient. 
  • Extremely user-friendly
    You’re used to using Excel?  Then you’ll find Isypass child’s play: it has the same layout and functions. 
  • Adjusted to meet legal requirements
    Payroll administration in certain industries, such as transport, building and nursing, needs to meet specific legal demands.  This is why Isypass offers a number of extra functions.