HRonline for comfortable staff management

Employing staff members brings a great deal of work with it.  Think about the DIMONA Declaration, payroll and staff management, and the necessary insurances and correspondence.

These administrative tasks are a burden.  Which is why Securex lightens the load for you with a ground-breaking new form of help: HRonline.

Save and process staff details

HRonline is the timely solution for SME’s like yours: with the online management system, you can quickly and easily send all your employee administration through.  

But HRonline is more than an open portal. It offers practical support:

  • You ask your Client Advisor direct questions and use HRonline to look for any extra information you desire;
  • You keep an eye on the status of all operations, via the transparent tracking and tracing system;
  • You use the same digital platform as your Client Advisor and the Securex experts: everyone is always working in the same file. Say hello to efficiency and wave goodbye to mistakes!
  • You have access to extra help, and links to examples, simulators and databases;
  • You perform driven staff management with the complementary modules HRonline Talent and HRonline ESS/MSS. With the talent module, you can streamline all your talent management tasks, and with ESS/MSS, your employees manage their details and absences themselves.

The benefits of HRonline

  • User-friendly
    With one login and password, you reach all HRonline applications – and they are always at your service;
  • Clear and reliable
    HRonline guarantees you flawless management, follow-up, control and validation of your Payroll and Staff Management.  And you can keep an eye on it all with just a single mouse click;
  • Free
    What do you need to have?  A computer with an internet connection. Securex takes care of the software, updates and upgrades, as well as the safety back-ups;
  • Wherever and whenever
    With the online platform, you will always find your details in real time. All offline communication, such as faxes and letters, will be there for you too – wherever and whenever you need them;
  • Minimal input, maximum output
    Input the basic details, rosters and payment data just once.  Afterwards, HRonline will automatically perform the wage calculations and deposits automatically. And at the same time, it will keep all details up to date to ensure a fully accurate declaration for the National Office for Social Security. 

HRonline? Benefits are guaranteed!

HRonline is available in two versions. Depending on the size of your staff file and the needs of your company we offer a basic packet and an expanded packet of HRonline eXTENDED.

Ask Securex which version best suits your SME. And enter a fruitful digital collaboration with us – save yourself time and money while you work more efficiently.