HRonline Talent:
keep an eye on your talent

When you look for a new workforce, you focus on their knowledge and abilities.  But even after the recruitment, their competences and the development of these competences are just as important.  This is why you use Talent Management. It maintains and improves the knowledge, insights, skills and attitudes of your employees.

Follow up on all Talent Management processes in your business?  You do that with the HRonline Talent modules.

Develop talent on your terms

With HRonline Talent modules, Compétences, Learning and Performance, you ensure the entire Talent Management trajectory for your business is on the right path.  

Employee participation

The goal of your carefully planned Talent Management policy? The optimal development of your employees’ competences.  Because this is where your company benefits as much as your employees. And you want your employees to be able to attend the training courses offered.  Track them with ESS/MSS. A supplementary module with which they:

  • submit training requests for courses that are not yet included in the list of courses offered
  • enrol for the courses offered
  • peruse their training course history
  • provide online feedback on the training courses attended

The HRonline Talent module that suits you best

Would you like to streamline the Talent Management process in your company?  Because you can’t do so without a system like HRonline.