Less administration with HRonline ESS/MSS

Wages for what you work: It doesn’t really seem to apply to you as an employer. You are more than happy to pay your employees what they’re worth – based on the hours they claim, taking their family situations into account and ensuring their taxes run smoothly and correctly.

It requires extensive payroll administration. And the HRonline ESS/MSS module is there to help. Because with this automated system, your staff members manage their absences and personal and address details themselves. You just need to double-check them... and watch your administrative workload shrink.

Software for your employees

With the HRonline ESS/MSS module, your employees manage their details and absences themselves. In turn, you closely follow the input and use it for your wage calculations.

The ESS/MSS module offers the following functionality:

  • reporting absences and the reasons for them, such as illness or vacation
  • registering overtime
  • consulting the general schedules of your employees
  • reproducing your own payment advice letters and taxation documents
  • recording the vacations days used and still available to every employee
  • Reproducing and adjusting personal and address details
  • Reproducing the entire employee register

HRonline ESS/MSS strengthens your Talent Management

You don’t just trust the ESS/MSS module to correctly register absences and overtime. You also put your Talent Management on the right track. 

Are you supplementing HRonline Talent with the ESS/MSS module? You can also use this software for: 

  • training requests and enrolments
  • approvals or rejections
  • viewing training history and online feedback

The HRonline ESS/MSS version for your company

Would you like to lighten your administrative burden? The HRonline ESS/MSS module is exactly what you need.

Together with you, Securex will see which version of HRonline best suits your company. Be inspired by the possibilities of your ESS/MSS module as seen in this film.