Keep all your staff administration information online

Are bulging filing cabinets waiting to infuriate you in your search for information?  Securex knows the feeling.  It’s why we are joining you in the quest for a digital future – with online document management. 

Forget about misplaced invoices or certificates, obscure classification systems and the loss of space.  With Securex Portal, you will find all your documents for staff management and bookkeeping with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Welcome to your virtual office

The Securex Portal is your virtual office – a password unlocks the doors.  And gives you access to:

  • My documents: an online filing cabinet with your payment letters, vacation information, insurance papers and claim files.  As well as bookkeeping documents, such as your social balance, invoices and declarations. You can view them online, print them or transfer them;
  • ASR AO: an online tool where you take care of your Social Risk Declarations for Workplace Accidents;
  • Lex4you: An extensive database with socio-legal information;
  • Electronic communication resources: With Zoomit, you gather your payment advice forms and invoices, and pay them quickly and easily with Internet banking.  With Certipost you safely send your administrative details to other Certipost users, such as your Social Secretary.  And with Isabel, you control your financial transactions, from invoice to electronic transfer.

The benefits of the Securex Portal

  • Free
    Using the Securex Portal is completely free.  And is saves you time and work;
  • Easily accessible
    You can visit the Securex Portal from any work-post – even when you’re on a business trip, because all you need is an internet connection;
  • Fast
    With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will find all your important documents and can send them to staff members just as quickly;
  • Responsible
    You stipulate who has access to which documents;
  • Practical
    You eliminate storage and classification problems.  And put your fear of lost documents firmly in the past.

Visit the Securex Portal

All relevant information for your business?  As from now, you keep it on the Securex Portal.  All your documents, legal advice, financial applications and bookkeeping resources are just a mouse click away.