Small business, great staff management

A full-fledged HR service that can take on your complete staff management needs? A monster task for most SME’s.  Because staff management demands time, resources and professional knowledge.

However… you don’t need your own HR Department.  Just a strong and reliable partner.  Or in other words?  Securex.

ComfoHRt: enriching staff management

ComfoHRt from Securex frees you from cumbersome staff management – via a Social Secretary that takes care of your staff administration for you.  It provides you with:

  • processing of your payroll and staff administration, conforms to legal requirements, and stays within the lines of your business;
  • support and advice on social, legal and tax-related matters;
  • guidance in the maze of rules relating to prevention and protection, workplace accidents, medical monitoring and child benefits – and ensures you comply with these rules;
  • handling of administrative requirements, such as quarterly declarations, or your External Service for Workplace Prevention and Protection;
  • assistance and documentation for Accounting staff members;
  • transparent answers to all your HR questions;
  • support in the form of guidelines and standardised documents on various matters relating to staff and personnel.

The Benefits of ComfoRHt

  • Set price, for water-tight serviceFor a set, monthly price, we process your payroll and staff administration.
  • All HR services under one roofSecurex takes on every element of your staff management, and all the related coordination.  HR solutions that complement each other. 
  • A competent partnerYour multi-talented Securex Client Advisor is your reliable contact – easy to reach and always up to date with your file. 
  • A team of expertsA specialised question which falls outside your Client Advisor’s area of expertise? You can rest assured!  It will be passed through to the appropriate expert.
  • Personal approachIn establishing your file, we perform an audit, identifying all your personal needs.  Which we then go on to fulfil.

Online staff management: accessible wherever, whenever

Payroll and staff administration?  At Securex, it’s going to be neither lost nor found in a giant filing cabinet.  Instead, your staff management takes place online – so you can follow it wherever and whenever you want.

  • The HRonline software, which grants you access to your files, transfers details securely, and provides you with direct contact to your Client Advisor;
  • The Securex Portal gives you relevant socio-legal information, useful simulations and practical help;
  • With the HRonline Talent Modules you manage all Talent Management processes within your organisation;
  • The HR Online ESS/MSS module allows your staff members to consult and manage their absences and personal details;
  • Isypass provides you with the monthly performance figures of your employees.

The right partner for your staff management

You’ve chosen ComfoHRt from Securex? Then you’ve chosen comfortable staff management: reliable, clear and complete – and all at a set price. 

Are you looking for expert advice on your specific HR situation?  Or would you like to put your staff management in the hands of an external service?  Securex is the ideal partner: ExpeHRt or OutsouHRce fulfil all your HR needs.