HR training courses for your staff members? A necessity!

Finished with school and finished with learning? As a successful business entrepreneur, you know this is never the case. Life-long learning is a must especially for your staff members. Because they always need to be on top of the latest evolutions and innovations.

Permanent offer for HR training courses

Securex keeps their HR training courses for your staff members permanently on offer. These courses are:

  • given by experts
  • based on extensive experience and constant research
  • full of practical knowledge
  • immediately able to be implemented in your company

Consult the full training calendar.

Adapted HR training courses for your staff members

Would you prefer a training course which is tuned to your company and the needs of your employees? Because Securex will work together with you to develop a training programme based on:

  • your learning needs - which skills and areas of knowledge would you like to sharpen?
  • your goals - what results are you chasing, for the individual and for the company as a whole? 
  • the project and procedure - who is participating in the training, when, and using which methods?  
  • the feedback round: did you fulfil your goals?  Is there need for extra HR training courses for your staff members?

Trained by experts

Your employees participate in Securex training courses delivered by seasoned HR experts, with experience in the field and in the classroom. They give lessons exclusively on themes in which they are specialists:   

  • HR topics: professional recruits, performance management implementation, the added value of social media, the changing role of HR business partners, etc.
  • Health and Safety: ergonomics, delineation of a safety policy, risk management, etc. 
  • Change: how to soldier on when your company is faced with change;
  • Leadership: how leadership is adopted and developed in a company.

Are you thinking of HR training for your staff members? Together with Securex, you will find the ultimate training course.