Employee retention: of crucial importance to every business

You are primarily focused on the recruitment of your personnel. And of course, you find a flawless outplacement service important. But the overall majority of your employees are to be found between these two phases: are you investing sufficiently in them? They deserve your attention – especially when it comes to your policy for employee retention.

Your employee retention policy

You know the importance of a steadfast personnel file. Because with every departing staff member, a little bit of the talent and history of your company also disappears. Besides this, a high staff turnover is expensive and it influences the motivation of everyone left behind. And that says nothing of the extra work it creates for you. 

This is why you want the very best employee retention possible. You can have it too, with a thorough employee retention policy.

Retention via training

The loyalty of your employees? It’s something you have to earn. You will get it in exchange for a strong training policy a crucial factor in employee retention. Because you give your staff members room to grow.  And then they feel valued. And talented personnel who feel good, will remain with your business for longer.

Securex formulates your employee retention policy

You learn from your mistakes.  This is especially the case when it comes to staff retention policies. You need to know what went wrong and where: why are your employees leaving?  A difficult question to answer by yourself, which is why Securex looks for the answers for you. We utilise:

  • an in-depth audit of the reasons for departure
  • objective defining of your vision in regards to communication and training
  • a sober analysis of your wage policy

an investigation into the balance of work and private life.

Employee retention: together with Securex

Get the best out of your employees? And keep them at work ‘happily ever after’? Securex will help you to establish a motivating staff retention policy.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.