Securex enquiries: gauge employee satisfaction

You are striving to create a strong HR policy. And that is not something you can fine-tune based on your feelings and experiences. You most certainly want foundations with a scientific basis and understanding of your company: real details and hard facts. The most reliable foundations for a successful HR policy. 

Securex gathers the facts for you with professional enquiries that make general employee satisfaction a priority.

From risk inventory to employee satisfaction

What do your employees think of the company management?  How do they cope with stress? How do they feel in the workplace? Securex answers your questions using six surveys. They lay bare your weaknesses and sore points and direct you straight to the solutions you need.

  • Leadership model  Are your managers also proper leaders?
    A strong leader increases the vitality, the motivation and the involvement of your employees.  Securex shows where your managers need to improve to grow into real leaders.  And when we do this, we take the judgements of your personnel into account. 
  • Vitality, Performance & Excellence model Do your employees feel good?  Happy, healthy employees perform better.  They are the beating heart of your business.  Securex looks into what influences the energy and vitality of your employees.  So you can learn how to increase their happiness and their commitment. 
  • Motivation model  Are your staff happy to come to work?  
    Motivated employees are sick less often, are less likely to leave your company and demonstrate better productivity.  Securex gauges the three fundamental psychological needs: autonomy, relatedness and competence.  And this enables us to understand whether your employees are motivated. 
  • Stress model  How do you battle stress in your company?  
    Stress weighs on the mind and brings productivity into danger.  This is why Securex gauges the origins of the stress, with an analysis of the most important stress hot spots and complaints.  So that you can create a stress-free environment. 
  • Satisfaction model  Are your employees satisfied?
    Happy, satisfied employees stay at your company for longer, work harder and perform better.  Securex looks into employee satisfaction in your workplace, analysing job content, management, the workplace values and the methods of communication.  The results lead you to targeted actions for improving employee satisfaction. 
  • Risk Inventory and Evaluation model Is your workplace safe?  
    Your employees feel better in a safe work environment.  And Health & Safety legislation requires you to track down and tackle any and every potential risk in your workplace.  So you can avoid workplace accidents and injuries.  Securex shows you where the problem areas are and how best to respond to them.

Scientifically constructed enquiries

The models Securex uses for its enquiries are all scientifically constructed and: 

  • developed by professors, HR managers and consultants, prevention advisors, industrial doctors and occupational health specialists
  • based on scientific literature
  • conform to Collective Bargaining Agreements and the most recent legislation
  • are supported by an extensive international database of benchmark data, against which we compare your results

Know what’s going on in your company

Do you want to measure the general employee satisfaction?  It will do wonders for your HR policy.  You do it with the six standard enquiries from Securex, or by drawing up a new enquiry together with our specialists. Contact us for more information.