Coaching reveals the talent in your business

Talent is one thing. Using it is another. Because a lot of talented employees are unable to make the most of all their capabilities.  They are often left looking for the niche where they can make a difference.  Frustrating – for them and for you.

Fortunately, there is a solution: coaching of your high-potentials.

Coaching: more than training

Coaching is not training. Just like a coach is not an instructor.  A coach does more than simply transfer knowledge.  A coach guides your employees and encourages them to find the answers to problems themselves. 

The result?  Thanks to coaching, your staff members get to know themselves through and through.  They discover their weaknesses, see patterns in their behaviour and learn how they influence others.  In short: coaching bolsters your talented work force.

Successful coaching methods

It takes just a little confidence in the Securex coaches.  Then you can surround yourself with experienced professionals, who follow a successful coaching method:

  • Clear Framework– Staff members and coaches work together with management to set the goals and make clear agreements.
  • Programme – A coaching programme usually consists of approximately five sessions spread across a period of six months.
  • Clear communication – Coaches and staff members evaluate the progress and collaboration and take ownership of every moment of the programme.