Simulations that support your HR policy

Your HR policy is based on a lot of different numbers from salary costs to time-credit restrictions. And in turn, these are linked to different rules and regulations.

Your figures. Our calculations.

As an entrepreneur, you really do not have the time, swamped with formulas and lists of laws and rules, to be bent over a calculator trying to work out where you stand. This is why Securex will take care of the numbers for you. We also take care of the following simulations and calculations for you:

  • in natura benefits
  • beneficial loans
  • requalifications
  • rental income
  • time-credit limits
  • salary costs
  • early retirement
  • employee and worker severance packages
  • in the framework of social elections, we perform average calculations based on employee salary-bonus plans

Count on Securex

Let us take the work off your hands so you can allow yourself more breathing space. Because when it comes to calculations, you want accuracy. And this means you want Securex Simulations and Calculations.