Legal Training Courses: stay up to date with rules and legislation

The socio-legal rules in Belgium are fundamental to your HR policy. Your team can’t perform without thorough knowledge of the basic principles or of the regulations relevant to your company. And this is exactly why Securex training courses, which focus on the legal side of business, are the perfect solution. Our courses focus on specific themes and point to the legal reality within your sector.

A wide range of training courses for the right education

Securex has a wide range of legal training courses focusing on everything from socio-legal legislation in general, to the most specific legal concerns:

  • basic education in social law and legislation;
  • supplementary education on sector-related legislation;
  • more specific courses on, for example, holiday regulations, end-of-year bonuses, dismissal rights, premiums, time-credit or employment regulations;
  • tailor-made courses directed at your specific questions or problems.

A great deal of choice, with one constant: the training reflects the daily reality of your company. Meaning you can apply your new knowledge immediately.

Practical legal training courses

The Legal Advisors and Consultants at Securex will run the course in your office or our training rooms. They will not overload you with dry material, but focus on the practical. Using specific examples, they will analyse and expand on certain themes and issues. And together with you, they will look for the perfect answers and solutions.

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