Legal Advice and Support

There are dozens of points where your HR policy needs to meet requirements stipulated in Belgian labour-regulations and social legislation. And you need to comply with all manner of legal prescriptions and requirements from all manner of Collective Labour Agreements. Fortunately, Securex is here to ensure you do exactly that. With grounded advice and clear answers to all your questions.

Answers to your legal questions

What do your Workplace Agreements most need to include? Does your contract stand up to the scrutiny of union representatives?  How do you organise a business advice counsel? What are the socio-legal consequences of a company merger?

With targeted advice and support, the Securex consultants are always ready to answer all your legal questions:

  • Personalised answers to your concrete questions about wages and extra-legal benefits, employment regulations and requirements, social documents, working hours, salary distraints and salary transfers.
  • Legal guidance via contact with unions or social inspection.
  • Help in the development of employment contracts, clauses and policies.
  • Legal analysis of your existing documents.
  • Help with various declarations, such as the Limosa declaration for external (outsourced) employees and their employers, or the employment of foreign trainees.
  • Written advice on diverse applications of social legislation.

Broad legal base

The Legal Consultants at Securex are happy to respond to any and every socio-legal question and/or doubt your HR policy raises. But it doesn’t stop there: with Securex, you can also find legal training, handy simulations or an audit of your social documents.