Legal conformity with Securex Legal Audit & Consulting

You are reaping the benefits of your payment and HR policies in the workplace.  But would you pass the legal test?  In other words: do your labour regulations, wages, social measures, contracts and statutes conform to legal requirements?  Securex Legal Audit & Consulting is the best way to find out.

A reliable, legal base

A good HR policy is built on a firm legal base.  A foundation which you put into place together with the legal consultants from Securex. 

  • They manage social and industry law, right down to the small print, presenting you with extensive practical experience in different business sectors; 
  • They support your trusted Client Advisor and base themselves on facts and figures from your employment file, made available through our Social Secretary;
  • They analyse the extensive wage and employment details and tune them to industry content and legal requirements. 

Different legal services

Every company is different.  Above all, these differences apply to rules and requirements.  It’s why Securex delivers tailor-made work, with extensive packages of legal solutions:

  • Advice and support
    Clear and personalised answers to your legal questions, supplemented with practical services – from writing contracts to guidance with social inspections.
  • Audit and Optimisation
    Auditing of your company based on legal stipulations and the Collective Labour Agreement for the sector.  And if something doesn’t sit well?  Our consultants will immediately provide a targeted solution;
  • Simulations:
    Different calculations based on benefits in kind, loans, rental income, time credits, payroll costs and  severance payments;
  • Legal training courses
    The offer of socio-legal training – everything from a basic education in social legislation to a specific course on dismissal rights.  
  • Packages
    Where legal services are bundled together around payment, social elections, social audits and more.

Convenient Legal Database

Securex bundles together invaluable legal information and experience in an online database: Lex4you. It’s where you will find fast and easy-to-use information:

  • An overview of socio-legal news since 2003;
  • Important addresses and links;
  • Information on social and tax legislation, support measures and employment agreements;
  • Information on the earning scale of your managerial board;
  • Standard documents, such as letters, contracts and forms.