Legal advice for HR makes everything clearer

You care about your workforce.  Which is why you ensure correct and accurate payroll and personnel administration, a competence policy, and calming Health and Safety and Workplace Accident Prevention measures.

Behind all this, an extensive world of paperwork awaits – from contracts and regulations, employment conditions, statutes, social documents and employment regulations.  These are all linked to legal requirements.  And since you run a business, not a lawyer’s office, it’s understandable that you sometimes need legal advice for HR.

Securex goes further – with legal advice for HR

Staff management is inextricably linked to legal elements.  This is why Securex goes further than just providing solutions for your payroll and personnel administration.  We offer extended services, which answer your specific, complex HR questions:

  • Legal Audit & Consulting:
    Securex analyses your payroll and employment documents, offers legal advice for HR and ensures everything conforms to the law. 
  • International Employment Services:
    Answers to all your questions about international working situations, secondment, social statutes – both locally and in other countries – and labour mobility.
  • HRIS Project Management:
    Our project manager guides you through large radical software projects for your staff management and time registration.
  • HR Measurement & Reporting:
    You receive reports about your staff costs which are tuned to your policy decisions. 

Legal advice for HR avoids headaches

With Legal Audit & Consulting, Securex makes your socio-legal headaches a thing of the past.  You can therefore count on clear legal advice for HR matters - advice you can understand even without a legal background!  Leaving you to focus, without stress, on taking care of your employees and your company. 

Want to know more about the extended services? Contact Securex.