Required Workplace Accident Insurance for Employees

As an employer, you must be covered by a Workplace Accident Insurance policy for Employees.  After all, even small accidents can have dramatic consequences.  Like the long-term inability for a staff member to work, and enormous medical costs.

Protect your employees and your company with Workplace Accident Insurance from Securex.  And give yourself peace of mind. 

Insurance and prevention

The Workplace Accident Insurance for Employees offered by Securex fulfils all legal requirements.  But we do more than just insure your staff members.  We protect them too. 

During a free risk analysis, our experts will point out the potential dangers in the workplace and give you accident prevention tips.  Our External Service for Workplace Prevention and Protection will help you implement them, so your employees run as few risks as possible.

Smooth administration. Fast compensation

Did an accident manage to sneak through your defences?  Then Secures will do everything to ensure the smooth and accurate handling of your file and the compensation of the victim.  And that will be done with as little administrative burden as possible:

  • Using our e-tool for Social Risk Declarations for Workplace Accidents, you can quickly and easily report an accident.
  • For undisputed cases, you can expect remuneration within three weeks.  Are you enrolled with the Securex Social Secretary? Then it will go even faster, because all the data is available internally;
  • You and your staff members can count on the best aftercare and counselling during the rehabilitation or period of invalidity.

Supplements to Workplace Accident Insurance for Employees

The legally required Workplace Accident Insurance for Employees limits compensation to a certain level of income – regardless of the actual wages your staff members earn.  They are only paid out in the case of accidents that occur within the sphere of work – but the boundary between work and private is often vague.  How do you avoid these limitations?  With supplemental insurance from Securex:

  • The collective Workplace Accident Supplemental Law insurance
    You can use this policy to insure the part of your income which is above the limitations applied to regular insurances.  It means your employees will suffer less financial damage in the event of a workplace accident.  And as an employer, you can benefit from higher compensation on the guaranteed wage. 
  • The collective Private Life insurance
    You expand the normal coverage of the Workplace Accident Insurance for Employees with guaranteed coverage on accidents which occur outside the realm of workplace activities.  You supplement the limitations of Social Security. 

The policy which best suits your company

How do you protect your employees and your company?  With basic insurance or supplementary insurance for workplace accidents from Securex.  We are happy to help you, with your broker, find the perfect policy and coverage for your needs, your business and your employees.