Tax benefits rewarded with the Bonus Group Insurance

Your employees are committed to your business.  And so you are happy to reward them for their efforts.  Financial bonuses and pay increases?  They sound great, but don’t forget that on top of a net wage increase, you also need to pay employer contributions and taxes. 

Our tip?  The bonus system, supplemented with Bonus Group Insurance.

Bonuses up to 2,430 euro: completely tax free

Thanks to the bonus system set in place in 2008, it is now far more beneficial to reward your staff.  You do it in a simple, fiscally beneficial manner.

  • You set concrete business goals and give the bonus when they are reached;
  • You reward all employees (your entire staff or one or more staff categories) with the same bonus;
  • For all your employees, the bonus is completely tax-free up to the sum of 2,430 euro.  There does not need to be any social security contributions paid on it either;
  • You only pay a special employer contribution of 33% to the NOSS, which, just like the bonus, is completely deductible as a business cost.

Bonuses above 2,430 euro: Bonus Group Insurance

A bonus of more than 2,430 euro?  This is paid out in parts: your employee immediately receives the tax-free section, while the rest of the bonus goes towards group insurance.  In short, a fiscally beneficial way to reward your employees.