Insurance that you can offer as an employer

You realise that the input of your employees is something your company cannot do without.  And so you want to build a long-term collaboration with them.  Which is why you provide competitive wages, a safe and secure work environment and extras that motivate. 

But as an employer, did you choose the right insurance?  If you did, you’ll protect, reward and keep your employees.

Workplace accident insurance employers can’t do without

As an employer, the insurance you must provide is Workplace Accident Insurance. It allows you to reimburse any physical damage an employee sustains during a workplace accident.  It is one of the obligatory formalities  the government imposes on employers.  And so they should: because even the costs of a minor accident can rise to unknown heights.

Insurance that motivates

Insurance is more than just a requirement.  It also serves as a reward for your employees: you provide extra financial security as an incentive to continue working with your company.

And this is why Securex has developed a series of supplemental insurances for employers:

  • Bonus group insurance :
    You put the taxed part of the bonus into the group insurance.  It ensures your rewards provide tax benefits.

Insurance via Securex

The optimal protection and reward for your staff?  You offer this with insurance.  For employers looking for perfect insurance, Securex has all the information you need.