HRonline Xpenses

Simple and clear expense management software


Are you still dealing with the expenses of your staff manually? Do expense claims sometimes get lost or are they not always submitted on time to the right person? Or do you sometimes feel like  you’re losing control of the expenditure of your business? With the HRonline Xpenses module, your employees, managers and directors can manage expenses on line, easily, at any time and anywhere.

In this way, you can encourage people to stop using hardcopies, limit the paperwork for everyone concerned and regain  control of expenditure in your business. What’s more, this digital management of expenses guarantees fast reimbursement, whether or not combined with your workers’ salaries.

Monitoring your expenses, at all times and anywhere

All users of HRonline Xpenses, whether employees, directors, HR managers or financial executives, work within their own secure “myXpenses” environment.

Expenses are keyboarded and followed up easily on computer, tablet or smartphone. Bills and receipts can even be scanned with a smartphone or tablet, then attached.

Moreover, all the processes take place in real time, which means that each user always has an up-to-date overview, anywhere, of the expenses relevant to him/her.

The advantages of HRonline Xpenses for your expense accounts

  • Available on-line in real time, anywhere and at all times
  • Configurable as stand-alone or integrated with the Securex software for your personnel and pay management
  • All your information on expenses in one centralised database.
  • Helps to stop the use of hardcopies
  • Electronic attachments, which may be scanned by smartphone or tablet
  • Integration with your accounting software package, thanks to a tailor-made interface
  • Automatic calculation of exchange rates
  • Reimbursement of expenses on time, for satisfied employees.