HRonline Performance

Objective assessment, motivational approach

Motivated employees work better and in doing so contribute to the success of your business. HRonline's Performance module puts you in charge of a powerful piece of software for the follow-up, evaluation and adjustment of your employees' working hours.

HRonline Performance will see you efficiently and transparently keep track of your employees, and involve people managers and employees alike in your assessment processes. This helps to ensure underpinned HR decisions and motivated employees. The ultimate aim? Having the right employee in the right place.

In addition, automating and integrating your assessment processes as part of your global HR policy is a further step towards the paperless office, reduces administration, drives down the error rate and produces time savings! Which gives you more time to coach your employees and provide feedback.

Performance is 100% integrated with HRonline. Combining Performance with the Competences and Learning modules gives you the ultimate total solution for the optimal management of assessments, competences as well as training courses!

The strong suits of HRonline Performance for the assessment of your employees

  • Integrated with the basic module of HRonline eXTENDED and with the other talent modules Competences and Learning
  • Efficient and transparent assessment processes
  • Active involvement of employees and people managers in assessments
  • Underpinned HR decisions
  • Motivated employees
  • Paperless office, less administration, a reduced error rate and time savings