HRonline Isypass

Straightforward, flexible and complete software for the registration of working hours

Is entering your working hours giving you more than your fair share of headache? Is your business or sector typified by complex working hour arrangements and intricate duty rotas? Or do you simply want to administer the time worked by your employees in the easiest way possible? In that case you will find HRonline's Isypass module an indispensable module for your business!

Isypass enables you to swiftly and easily collate your employees' working hours, regardless of the sector of trade or industry you operate in or the nature of the work regime: night shifts, overtime, flexi-time, etc.

Registration of working hours now a doddle!

Isypass ensures swift and easy entry of complex per diem working hours. The module allows several databases and legal entities to integrate in a way that is tailored to your organisation.

  • Employees can enter their own working hours themselves, as Isypass is available over the Internet any time any place.
  • User-friendliness is central: the tool not only has the look & feel of MS Excel, but also comes with the familiar features.
  • The calendar details and attendance and absence categories are listed. Which only leaves the user to enter the hours in the relevant cells to register his working hours.
  • Isypass delivers a ready-made solution for sectors that are subject to specific legal requirements: the road haulage and construction industries, retail and wholesale trade, the elderly care sector, etc.

Which even makes administering the most complex duty rotas a piece of cake!

The Isypass module is fully integrated as part of the total HRonline solution. Which means that Isypass automatically adopts the personnel details from the basic module of HRonline eXTENDED. Moreover, in all cases Securex's experts configure the Isypass module in line with the specific requirements of your sector.

The strong suits of HRonline Isypass for the registration of working hours

  • Available over the Internet any time any place
  • User-friendly and fast registration of working hours
  • Adaptable interface in consideration of needs and requirements
  • Integrated sector-specific legal requirements
  • Choice between central or local data entry
  • Registration of working hours per project or per job site
  • Pre-pay reports of working hours
  • Broad range of import options