HRonline Flex@ccount

The flexible link between HR and accounts

Are you looking to put an end to manual interventions at your financial department from your HR department and your accounts department? Courtesy of Flex@ccount, the direct line between HR and accounts, the exchange of data between both departments is made to occur more efficiently than ever, and you never end up facing unexpected bombshells.

HRonline Flex@ccount delivers a bird's eye perspective of your total wage bill and helps you anticipate tomorrow's HR expenditures whilst enabling you to determine the provisions to be set aside for year-end bonuses, holiday pay and occupational accident insurance with consummate ease.

All of this information is easily exported to files which you can load straight into your accounting software without further ado.

Your automated accounting assistant

  • HRonline Flex@ccount ensures the seamless integration of your payroll data with your accounts, and dispenses with the manual entry of salary, billing and/or DMFA details into your accounts.
  • Based on the data calculated by our payroll processing organisation, postings are created post-pay.
  • Everything is geared to your chart of accounts and your financial year. All of which results in a ready-to-use file which meets with your requirements, and is easily loaded into your accounting software.

Less administration, fewer errors - and more time for the real HR work!

The strong suits of HRonline Flex@ccount for the exchange of information between HR and accounts

  • No manual entry of salary, billing and/or DMFA details into your accounts
  • Geared to your chart of accounts and financial year
  • Simple calculation of HR provisions
  • Generation of import file perfectly geared to your accounting software
  • Link with HRonline for personal details
  • Less administration, a reduced error rate and time savings