HRonline Competences

Optimum competence management for the perfect match

Employees determine the success of your business. Which makes solid competence management positively imperative. HRonline's Competences module allows to easily chart, manage and adjust the competences in place in your organisation.

HRonline Competences produces a bird's eye perspective of the desired competences and the skills already in place, both at company level, at post level and in the employees. Skill shortages are swiftly detected and efficiently addressed. The profile comparison feature sees you anticipating challenges in the area of the in-house mobility and the long-term employability of staff within your business.

Automating, digitising and integrating your competence management into your HR policy means less administration, a reduced error rate and time savings.

The governing principle your competence management

The Competences expansion module is 100% integrated as part of the HRonline platform and acts as the governing principle of your competence management.

  • You get to round up the competences already in place within your organisation and those likely to be needed for a comprehensive bird's eye perspective in HRonline's online competence catalogue.
  • In the roles catalogue you get to link the expected competences at company level, per job family, post or workstation, thereby automatically generating a clear and transparent competence profile for every employee.
  • You also get to measure up employee profiles against the expectations held out for their own posts, or those of other posts. This will boost the in-house mobility or the long-term employability of your members of staff.

The strong suits of HRonline Competences for competence management within your organisation

  • 100% integrated as part of HRonline and with the other talent modules Learning and Performance
  • Less administration, a reduced error rate and time savings
  • Efficient detection and adjustment of competence expectations and/or shortages at every level
  • Motivated employees thanks to transparent and objective competence management
  • Incentive for in-house mobility and long-term employability