The most comprehensive modular and integrated HR software

HRonline eXTENDED is a revolutionary and powerful cloud-based solution capable of integrating all aspects of your personnel management in the cloud. The Basic module ensures smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll administration. This basic software can be expanded with various expansion modules, including modules for time and working hours registration, the administration of training courses, competences and assessments. Courtesy of this modular structure enables you to grow HRonline eXTENDED along with your business.

10 good reasons to opt for  HRonline eXTENDED as your HR software of choice

1.    Available in the cloud any time any place in real-time

The HRonline eXTENDED date are available to you in real-time 24/7. If you are using the ESS/MSS module, needless to say your employees and people managers too have permanent access.

2.    Safe and user-friendly

Logging into Securex's protected customer portal gives you direct access to HRonline eXTENDED. Courtesy of its intuitive navigation, handy search engine, in-built control features, intelligent wizards … the application stands out in terms of user-friendliness.

3.    A single platform for you, your client adviser and your staff
Your client adviser uses the same software platform as you. Which means that all operations are made to occur in real-time, whereby your client adviser can even take over some of your duties if need be. And if you have the ESS/MSS module activated, you can also involve your staff in your HR processes.

4.    Smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll management
Intelligent wizards and user-friendly workflows, powerful control systems and in-built alert functions, integrated service level agreements… All of which adds up to guaranteed smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll management. Even the compulsory Dimona declaration is integrated and fully automated. 

5.    Comprehensive reporting features

The Basic module of HRonline eXTENDED in itself already holds more than 70 reports that can be adapted entirely at your discretion. Securex is on hand to devise extra reports for your benefit, or you can do so yourself using the Report Designer expansion module, with a view to generating valuable management information.

6.    Comprehensive integrated HR solution

HRonline eXTENDED enables you to automate and integrate all aspects of your personnel management: personnel and payroll administration, competence management, training courses and assessment… All changes are instantly implemented throughout the suite as a whole. And courtesy of its modular structure, you can develop and grow the solution in pace with your business.

7.    Unique features

An integrated mail platform, a robust document management system, flexible administration of access rights, in-built simulation tools … HRonline eXTENDED's features are legion!

8.  World class on an SME scale

HRonline eXTENDED is based on the tried and tested euHReka software developed by NGA, the world leader in the area of HR software. Securex has now made this high-end software available to SMEs. Which means it is adapted to your needs, your legal and sectoral context and your budget.

9.    International solution  

HRonline eXTENDED is available in 4 languages. The payroll engine is geared to the national context of Belgium, France and Luxembourg. And the global template allows you to interface with every payroll engine in every country.

10.  100% web-based 

HRonline is 100% web-based. Which means no local installation is needed,  supplementary modules are easily activated, and updates and back-ups are performed more efficiently than ever.

Only need the basic personnel and payroll management features?

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