HRonline eXPRESS

Payroll administration in a whisk


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You have a stable personnel roster of no more than 10 employees? All of your employees have a set duty rota? You never or very rarely call on temporary workers? And you would like to your personnel administration down to the bare minimum? In that case, HRonline eXPRESS is the tool you need for your online payroll administration!

5 good reasons to opt for HRonline eXPRESS as your payroll administration software of choice

  1. Safe and user-friendly
    Logging into Securex's protected customer portal gives you direct access to HRonline eXPRESS. The intuitive web application is so easy to use that you can set to work right away.
  2. Available any time any place over the Internet
    Our payroll administration software can be accessed any time any place. The only thing you need is a computer or a tablet with an Internet connection.
  3. Quick & easy registration of working hours
    You select the employees for whom you wish to enter working hours. Next, all you need to enter are the absences, as the calendars have been preloaded in accordance with the duty rotas specified in the employment contracts. To round things off, all that remains is for you to dispatch your employees' working hours to your account administrator with a single mouse click.
  4. Pay slips quickly available
    Securex performs three data processing runs each day. Which means your pay slips are usually available to you in digital form on the same day.
  5. Environmentally friendly
    With HRonline eXPRESS you get to manage your payroll administration in the digital realm. Which means less paper. Which is better for the environment! 

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