The software with all essential features for smooth-paced and accurate payroll and personnel administration


You have no more than 50 staff in your employ? And, in order to support you in your personnel and payroll administration, you could do with a powerful yet straightforward and user-friendly software suite? In that case, HRonline eSSENTIAL is at tool tailored to your business!

10 good reasons to opt for HRonline eSSENTIAL as your payroll and personnel administration software of choice

1. Available any time any place over the Internet

HRonline eSSENTIAL can be accessed any time any place. The only thing you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

2.    Safe
Logging into Securex's protected customer portal gives you direct access to HRonline eSSENTIAL.

3.    User-friendly

The intuitive web application is easy to use. A home page with handy short cuts takes you straight to frequently used actions without further ado.

4.    A single platform for you and your client adviser
Your client adviser uses the same software platform as you. Which means that all operations are made to occur in real-time, whereby your client adviser can even take over some of your duties if need be.

5.    Smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll management
Intelligent wizards and powerful control systems, handy links to information and tools tailored to your sector, easy reference dashboards and enlightening reports. Combined, these features ensure smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll management.

6.    Automated Dimona declarations

When recruiting new employees, the software guides you with a very practical step-by-step plan. The compulsory Dimona declaration is integrated and fully automated. 

7.    Swift & easy registration of working hours
As each employee is linked to a duty rota, all that remains for you is to enter derogations from the regular work schedule. Administering parts of the day is very intuitive with 3 handy buttons in your payroll and personnel administration software. 

8.    Pay slips quickly available
In HRonline eSSENTIAL's payment calendar, each month you initiate your salary calculations. Your pay slips are available online within 24 hours.

9.    Integrated reports

HRonline eSSENTIAL also comes with a number of integrated reports. This will see you transform all of your personnel details into purposive information at the click of a button.

 10.  Environmentally friendly.                                                                                           

With HRonline eSSENTIAL you get to manage your payroll administration in the digital realm. Which means less paper. Which is better for the environment!

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