HRonline - powerful and user-friendly personnel management in the cloud

HRonline is the revolutionary and powerful HR software platform which integrates all aspects of personnel management in real-time in the cloud. Depending on the size and needs of your small or medium-sized business, Securex supplies HRonline in 3 versions: HRonline eXPRESS, HRonline eSSENTIAL and HRonline eXTENDED.

HRonline is made available as a service. Which means there is nothing for you install locally over at your premises. Moreover, all HRonline versions are based on the same platform and all have the same look and feel.

Switching between versions, granting staff access or activating supplementary modules step by step … Everything is performed automatically. HRonline develops and grows in pace with your business!

The table below tells you which version is the perfect fit for your business.

HRonline version Description Ideally suited for businesses
HRonline eXPRESS Intuitive web application for swift and easy payroll administration
  • with a stable personnel roster,
  • and maximum 10 employees with a set duty rota
HRonline eSSENTIAL All essential features for smooth-paced and accurate personnel and payroll management
  • with maximum 50 employees
  • that only wish to automate their basic personnel management and payroll administration
  • that are eager to automate a limited number of HR aspects.

The most comprehensive and integrated modular HR software suite on the market

  • starting from 50 employees and/or
  • that require comprehensive reporting features and/or
  • wish to give people managers and/or employees access to HRonline (e.g. for the administration of holiday/leave) and/or
  • that wish to automate further aspects of HR (e.g. talent management)

7 good reasons to opt for HRonline for the automation of your personnel management

  1. Safe, user-friendly and flexible platform
  2. Available any time any place over the Internet to you, your employees and your client adviser
  3. Modular yet 100% integrated
  4. Accurate and smooth-paced automated personnel and payroll management
  5. Geared to the local legal context and your sector-specific needs 
  6. Direct access to Securex's portal site with a wealth of information and tools tailored to your business
  7. Diminished administrative workload, reduced error rate and time savings