Obligatory Workplace Accident Insurance

The strength of your company is to be found in your employees.  You take extra good care of them, so that nothing can possibly happen to them.

But because accidents lurk in even the most unpredictable of places, you are required to have Workplace Accident Insurance.  So protection from the financial consequences is as important as could be – for you and for your staff members.

Workplace Accident Insurance: a small price for peace of mind

Did your employee have an accident at or on the way to or from work?  Then your Workplace Accident Insurance will reimburse the costs relating to the physical damage – even if the employee is responsible. 

By insuring your employees against Workplace Accidents, you offer them:

  • compensation for temporary and/or permanent work disability;
  • reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospital costs;
  • reimbursement of the costs for moving from A to B;
  • compensation of the funeral and transport costs of remains in the event of a death.

First avoid. Then insure.

Behind every workplace accident there are three hundred almost accidents resulting in material damage.  A risk for your employees, because sooner or later there will be real accidents.  And there will be physical damage.  A sad, expensive situation for you.

Your Workplace Accident Insurance is therefore not sufficient.  You need to start by avoiding accidents.  Our securex advisors can perform a risk analysis of your business – a free service with our Workplace Accident Insurance. 

The risk analysis brings the danger points into the spotlight and tells you how best to neutralise them.  Good news for the safety of your employees… and you and the insurance premiums based on your accident history.

Workplace Accident Insurance with Securex

There is an accident despite all your precautions?  Then it is time you speak to your Workplace Accident Insurers.  Are you insured for workplace accidents by Securex?  Then you are sure of a maximum of coverage and a minimum of things to worry about: 

  • Via our Social Risk Workplace Accident Reporting e-tool (ASR AO), you can quickly and easily report an accident;
  • Undisputed accidents are compensated within three weeks.  Are you also enrolled with our Social Secretary?  Then it will go even faster, because we will already have all your details on hand;
  • The legally required insurance pays out up to a certain income amount.  Would you like to insure the incomes that are above that limit?  Then you want the additional insurance from Securex;
  • Securex doesn’t stop at compensation.  During the difficult rehabilitation or invalidity period, we provide counselling for you and your employees.

Would you like to know more about our prevention measures and our Workplace Accident Insurance? Contact your broker or Securex.