Changed social situation? Do a Social Risk Declaration

You have established health and safety in the workplace, prevented accidents to the best extent possible and are striving for strong work relations.  But, even so, things do still sometimes go wrong: an accident, a long-term illness or a dismissal.

These are events which change the social status of your employee, and that you therefore need to report to Social Security – with the Social Risk Declaration.

Ensure your employee receives a payment

Is your employee no longer able to perform his or her job due to an illness or an accident?  Or has someone been dismissed?  Then they will be expecting a pay-out.  It is their right and the amount of the pay-out depends on the details that you have given to the government:

Four sorts of Social Risk Declarations

But for a pay-out, even more information is needed.  This you supply electronically or in writing via a Social Risk Declaration. There are four different types:

  • professional illness;
  • pay-out;
  • unemployment;
  • workplace accidents.

Some declarations are submitted the moment that the situation presents itself.  Others need to be submitted monthly; for example, for temporary unemployment.

The e-tool for the Social Risk Declaration for Workplace Accidents

An accident at your business?  Then after all the commotion, damage and costs, you’ll find yourself in an administrative whirlpool – kept busy with everything from insurance papers to the Social Risk Declaration.

Securex helps you to keep your head cool.  And offers the ASR AO online tool for the declaration: simple, complete and quick.

Are you enrolled with our Social Secretary?  Then you don’t need to fill in most wage and employment details – Securex does that for you.   

Ask for access to the e-tool now.  And familiarise yourself with the other Social Risk Declarations.  So neither you nor your employee will have any unexpected surprises to deal with!