Pay social contributions for tomorrow today

Today you are diligently working. But what about tomorrow when you want to enjoy yourself? Or when you are no longer able to work? Then you’ll be relying on a pension or a pay-out. The same goes for your employees. They too dream of the future and hope to have something to fall back on in emergency situations. 

So think about tomorrow today. By paying social contributions for you and your employees.

Paying social contributions for yourself

Guarantee yourself a monthly pension, child benefits and health insurance plus coverage against bankruptcy? Of course! It’s why you enrol with a social insurance fund and why you pay them the social contributions.  

  • How much do you have to pay in social contribution?
    Your gross business income from three years ago and your capacity (i.e.: whether you are independent in your main or secondary profession) will influence the amount.  Just started?  Then you pay the (current) minimum amount. 
  • When do you have to pay your social contribution?
    Every three months, you put the amount owed in the social security fund – on the last day of the period, it needs to be in the account.  Too late?  Then you have to pay the interest for being late, and a fine.

Paying social security for your employees

As an employer, you also need to calculate the social contribution for your employees and send it to the National Office for Social Security (NOSS). This is how you assure your employees of their pensions, health insurance and child benefits in case of unemployment or illness.  

  • How much do you have to pay in social contribution?
    You leave the personal contribution of the employee in the monthly salary and complement that with your employer’s contribution.  This will depend on the status of the employee, the paritair comité and the number of staff members you have in service. 
  • When do you have to pay the social contributions?
    The contributions that you calculate via the wage administration need to be paid every three months.  On the last day of the month after the quarterly period, the amount must be on the NOSS account.  And for a contribution of more than 6197.34 euro? You need to pay it as a monthly deposit.

Rely on Securex to pay your social contributions

Paying social contributions? Securex does it correctly, accurately and punctually. With the three-monthly DmfA Declaration, our Social Secretary gives all your wage and work-time details through to the NOSS for correctly calculated social contributions. We also take care of your social contributions... so that you can sleep peacefully today and tomorrow.