Obligatory enrolment with a Child Benefit Fund

Have you or are you soon to take on an employee?  Then you can consider yourself to be an employer.  And with this title come a number of obligations, such as the enrolment with a Child Benefit Fund.  It’s how you guarantee your employees correct and timely payment of Child Benefits – now or in the future.

Securex: the Child Benefit Fund

Which Child Benefit Fund will you choose?  It is entirely your choice, so choose only the best: Securex. Our Child Benefit Fund offers you nothing but benefits:

  • Your questions are answered quickly – in one of six offices, by telephone, fax or email;
  • You can count on your personal Client Advisor, who knows not just your file, but also your employees’ files, through and through;
  • You’re putting your faith in professional experts who know Child Benefit legislation like the back of their hands.  

Besides being an employer, are you also a parent?  Then you also have the right to child benefits.  Even if you don’t have a partner drawing a wage.  Otherwise his or her employer pays the child benefit.  Securex is glad to look at the child benefit arrangement for your situation.

Enrolling with a Child Benefit Fund: three months’ time

Within 90 days of the first recruitment, you need to enrol with the Securex Child Benefit Fund.  It’s free – your employer’s contributions cover all the costs. 

If the enrolment with a Child Benefit Fund is not done on time?  Then your free choice lapses.  You will be automatically enrolled with the National Office for Child Benefits for Employees (Rijkdienst voor Kinderbijslag voor Werknemers).  Those working in the HoReCa industry and employers who only employ people working at home are always enrolled with this provider.

Securex represents complete service

Your  enrolment with the Child Benefit Fund? You can arrange this with Securex.  Better yet: with one single enrolment, you can put all your administrative tasks and obligations in order, such as the enrolment for Workplace Accident Insurance or the enrolment with a Social Insurance fund. 

Contact Securex and discover our total service today.